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D-Pro door system: The choice of “10 Points” to create a modern living space

From the classic design… Enhance the feeling of coziness and luxury with a large chandelier emitting golden light Create a focal point for a fixed space with small pieces of furniture Choose a system of elaborately carved wooden doors …To the neoclassical and modern style Make the most of natural light Limit fixed partitions, prefer […]

Tuesday, 15/02/2022
Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company continue to appear in the TOP500 largest enterprises in Vietnam

On January 5, at the Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark 72 hotel, Vietnam Report cooperated with Vietnamnet to organize the announcement ceremony of TOP500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam 2022 (VNR500). Accordingly, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company – a member of the excellent Group were honored in the VNR500 Ranking in 2022, affirming […]

Friday, 06/01/2023
Ngoc Diep Group attends the 2022 international defense exhibition

On December 8 to 10, 2022, Ngoc Diep Group participated in the International Defense Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, displayed and introduced products Ngoc Diep Packaging and Dinostar Aluminum, as the sole representative. of Vietnam in these two areas. Vietnam International Defense Exhibition 2022 (Vietnam Defense 2022) has the participation of high-ranking […]

Saturday, 10/12/2022

On November 15, Vietnam Report cooperated with Vietnamnet newspaper to announce the TOP 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. Accordingly, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company continued to participate in the list of Top 500 Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. This prestigious ranking for the third time […]

Friday, 18/11/2022
Ngoc Diep Group received the title of Vietnam National Brand 2022

On the evening of November 2, Ngoc Diep Group was honored with the National Brand at the Announcement Ceremony of enterprises whose products achieved the Vietnam National Brand in 2022 organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Attending the announcement ceremony were Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, together with leaders of the Party, State, […]

Thursday, 03/11/2022
Ngoc Diep Group supports the fund “For the poor” Hanoi city 400 million

With the desire to join hands to help people in difficult circumstances, contributing to the realization of the poverty reduction goal of Hanoi City, Ngoc Diep Group responds to the Peak Month “For the Poor” and social security. 2022 by the Hanoi People’s Committee and the City’s Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. At the ceremony, which […]

Wednesday, 12/10/2022
Elevate your living space with the D-Pro ND-HP65 revolving door

A revolving door is a door system that can be opened with an angle of 180 degrees, operating on the principle of opening or opening and rotating on a hinge axis, suitable for construction works from villas to high-class apartment buildings, in accordance with the usage habits of Vietnamese people. Possessing delicate lines and outstanding […]

Monday, 01/08/2022
D-Pro door system creates timeless beauty for Vinhomes Riverside villas

With outstanding advantages, NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s D-Pro door system has excellently conquered the market after only a short time of launch, thereby becoming a product line favored by many partners, investors and consumers. favored. In the video below, let’s join NGOCDIEPWINDOW and D-Pro to visit a beautiful villa project at the Vinhomes Riverside project. Located in a […]

Wednesday, 27/07/2022
Aluminum prices continuously hit peaks over the first half of 2021

Aluminum prices have continued to rise during the first half of 2021 Aluminum prices traded on the Shanghai Metal Exchange on March 16 hit a nine-year high, at 17,980 CNY/ton ($2,766/ton) and reached an 11-year high at 18,460 CNY/ton ($2,830/ton) on April 16.

Saturday, 09/07/2022
Prevention and control of acute respiratory infections (nCoV) at Ngoc Diep Group

At the entrance and the garage area, all employees will be checked body temperature before entering factories and offices. The elevator area, fingerprint area and the cafeteria is also equipped with antiseptic hand washing solution, ensuring maximum prevention of infection. At  118 Nguyen Du Office, Hanoi, the building management board sprayed for disinfectant, and at […]

Saturday, 09/07/2022
Ngoc Diep Group continues to rank at the top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam 2019

This is the 13th consecutive year, VNR500 Ranking has been researched and published to honor the largest enterprises in Vietnam,  which achieved  remarkable achievements in production and business activities.With the scale of operation including 4 member companies, and  the system of agents spread from the North to the South, Group’s products are present now in […]

Saturday, 09/07/2022
Ngoc Diep Group continues to reach the top of Profit500 Vietnam in 2019

This is a ranking to honor businesses with good profitability and  potential to become pillars for the development of Vietnam’s economy, and at the same time contribute to introduce Vietnamese business brands to Domestic and international business community.Always maintaining impressive revenue and profit growth, Ngoc Diep Group continues to be present and promoted in the […]

Saturday, 09/07/2022
2019 summer trip boosting with Teambuilding activities

In order to mark a successful and bright summer, Ngoc Diep’s management board holds this tour as a gift for all the staff and their children who have had good study performance recently. This is really a meaningful present after a hard and diligent working time. As the tour participants’ opinion, the trip has brought […]

Saturday, 09/07/2022