Company News | 17-06-2024

Top choice for a high-class and luxurious living space with premium D-Pro doors.

After three years since its launch, NGOCDIEPWINDOW is immensely proud that the premium European-quality D-Pro door system has contributed to enhancing the beauty of many high-end architectural projects in Vietnam. In particular, it has provided valuable living experiences for affluent Vietnamese families with its comprehensive door solutions:

D-Pro ND-HP65 Swing Door: Liberates design space, breaks all barriers, and expands the living space in harmony with nature for the home.

D-Pro ND-HP65 Tilt and Turn Window: With the ability to switch flexibly between tilt and turn modes, it creates an intelligent, convenient, and safe design for the home.

D-Pro ND-HP75 Folding Sliding Door: The scenery will be fully showcased when the folding sliding door is used in positions connecting the indoors and outdoors, such as the living room and garden entrance.

D-Pro ND-HP120 Sliding Door: Optimizes space for areas where space-saving is necessary, such as room dividers, bedroom doors, and kitchen doors.

The D-Pro door system is an ideal choice to elevate the aesthetic appeal of architectural spaces and is applied in a variety of projects, from modern penthouses to luxurious neoclassical villas. Contact NGOCDIEPWINDOW today to experience the premium D-Pro door system and transform your home into an exquisite architectural masterpiece, where every convenience and beauty blend perfectly.