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NGOCDIEPWINDOW's products stand out in the market due to diverse types, outstanding functions, and long-standing reputable brands. The products are widely applied in many large construction projects across the country.


NGOCDIEPWINDOW owns the factory of more than 40,000 m2 and production line equipped with modern machines and equipment made in Germany, Japan, Italia.


Ngoc Diep Group is ranked in the TOP 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam 2023

On November 17, Vietnam Report coordinated with Vietnamnet newspaper to announce the TOP500 Ranking of Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam in 2023. Accordingly, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company continue to appear in the list. this prestigious ranking for the 4th consecutive time. Notably, Ngoc Diep Group rose 41 places and […]

Wednesday, 22/11/2023
NGOCDIEPWINDOW takes you into the green paradise of Flamingo Cat Ba

Taking nature as the foundation, the Flamingo Cat Ba Resorts resort complex is built in a unique green architectural style, harmoniously combining with the surrounding landscape, creating the feeling of a vibrant tropical forest. in front of the blue sea with waves. Surrounded by mountains, behind is a vast primeval forest, in front is a […]

Tuesday, 21/11/2023
NGOCDIEPWINDOW celebrates luxury life at Hilton Hai Phong Luxury Apartment – BRG Legend

Located in the heart of the red poinciana city, the Hilton Hai Phong Luxury Apartment – BRG Legend project is a new symbol of high-class life in the port land, reviving the pioneering aspirations and pride of Hai Phong people. about the first and most prosperous coastal urban area in Vietnam. Contributing to creating the […]

Wednesday, 18/10/2023