Company News | 12-05-2022

Cafef Newspaper: The application of the D-Pro door system perfects the minimalist lifestyle

In Vietnam, the minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Not only is it expressed through the way of thinking or thinking, minimalism also begins with freeing up living space from the clutter of furniture.

Minimalism – Less to enjoy more

Minimalism can be understood as thinking that filters out the unnecessary to focus on the things that really matter. In life, minimalism can be applied in many aspects, from design, fashion, living habits, to time management, relationships,….

Pursuing a minimalist lifestyle not only helps us to allocate time, finance, and focus effectively, but also frees up the spirit, making work and relationships more balanced and harmonious. . In other words, minimalist living is the solution to enjoy the core values of life such as health, family, friends, self-development, etc.

Minimalist lifestyle is considered the “key” to enjoy life

Thanks to the extremely practical benefits, the minimalist lifestyle is gradually becoming a trend among young people. Instead of letting themselves be distracted by meaningless things, they actively self-contained, selective attention, thereby avoiding negative influences from social networks or unorthodox information flows.

In addition, minimalism has profoundly changed the way young people spend – The generation is often associated with the image of extravagant, unplanned shopping. Now, young people have learned to balance their needs and invest in more practical, long-term things.

Minimalism in the interior with the D-Pro door system

Minimalism has also had a sizable influence on the field of interior design. Accordingly, this school often prioritizes interiors with diverse functions, spaces rich in natural light and limited furniture with cumbersome motifs. This is also the reason why most houses that pursue minimalist design are equipped with large door systems that support good light. On the market today, NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s D-Pro door system is an outstanding product line that meets this requirement.

Minimalist interior style brings airiness and elegance to the home space

Manufactured from high quality aluminum profile bar, D-Pro door has a thick, sturdy frame, with better bearing capacity than other doors on the market. Applied to space design, the door system can completely replace the rigid partition walls, thereby providing an optimal and airy space for homeowners – One of the important factors in the minimalist process. interior.

D-Pro door system is the perfect choice for minimalist interior style (Source: NgocDiepWindow)

At the same time, the D-Pro door system is also designed in European style, with a wing width of up to 2m, a height of up to 3m, providing a classy and luxurious Panorama view. From there, the house will receive more natural light, contributing to offset the popular colors of the minimalist design trend such as black, gray, brown, …

Like the minimalist lifestyle, the minimalist design style is very popular, especially in modern architecture. Therefore, if you want to optimize the interior of the house, the outstanding functions and aesthetics of the D-Pro door system will be a reasonable choice for you and your family.