Company News | 06-03-2024

Perfecting modern classic design with D-Pro arch window’s allure

In history, the arch design has been considered a focal point in classical architectural structures such as castles, palaces, and more. Today, this design style is extensively utilized in modern constructions to evoke luxury, sophistication, and elegance in living spaces.
Highly versatile, the premium D-Pro Arch Window System by NGOCDIEPWINDOW can flexibly accommodate various arch designs in buildings constructed in the modern classic style:
  • Arched doors/windows with a supporting wall: The distinctive feature of this design is the impressive size of the facade arch combined with the D-Pro window system, ensuring structural strength while adding a touch of modern allure to the home.
  • Arched doors/windows with glass walls: Simple yet elegant, these doors/windows create a perfect blend of modern and classic aesthetics for the home, with subtle accents that combine modern colors with classical elements.
  • Arched swing doors: Making an impression at first glance with the seamless integration of the door and the arch, this door design introduces a fresh, unique beauty, epitomizing perfection and sophistication.
With its unique, gracefully curving lines intertwined with straight lines that exude a contemporary vibe, the premium D-Pro Arch Window System is the worthy choice to breathe life into the canvas of modern classical architecture.