Company News | 29-06-2024


Since its inception in 2010, NGOCDIEPWINDOW, a subsidiary of Ngoc Diep Group, has continuously developed and established its position in the construction industry with three main product lines: Aluminum Doors, Curtain Walls, and Premium D-Pro Door Systems.

1. Embracing Green Material Trends with NGOCDIEPWINDOW Aluminum Doors

In an era where the trend of using green materials is becoming increasingly popular, NGOCDIEPWINDOW aluminum doors stand out as a top choice. Enhanced by modern manufacturing technology, NGOCDIEPWINDOW aluminum doors combine the elegance of lightweight aluminum with advanced metal accessory systems, providing excellent sound and thermal insulation.

In particular, the aluminum profiles are manufactured by leading aluminum producers in Vietnam and around the world, such as Dinostar and Technal. NGOCDIEPWINDOW aluminum doors not only help minimize negative environmental impacts but also provide comfort and sustainability for construction projects. Thanks to these outstanding advantages, NGOCDIEPWINDOW aluminum doors have become the ideal solution for office buildings, commercial centers, luxury apartments, government headquarters, hospitals, and many other projects.

2. NGOCDIEPWINDOW Curtain Walls – The Optimal Solution for Modern Building Projects

Produced on modern German technology lines, NGOCDIEPWINDOW curtain walls use two main systems: Stick and Unitized. They are distinguished by superior features: sound insulation, thermal insulation, natural light optimization, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and lightweight materials capable of withstanding all weather conditions. Thanks to these advantages, NGOCDIEPWINDOW curtain walls have become the top choice for investors in green projects such as Vingroup, ECOPARK, MIK GROUP, and others.

3. A Comprehensive Solution to Replace Imported European Products with D-Pro Door Systems

Understanding the trend of modern living space design and aspiring to elevate Vietnamese products to an international level to enhance the quality of life for Vietnamese people, the D-Pro door system by NGOCDIEPWINDOW was created to address this need.

The D-Pro door system features a standout structure with profiles meeting European standard TC 6063 T6, offering a stunning Panorama view and maximum light intake. With door wings up to 2 meters wide and 3 meters high, D-Pro removes the barriers between room spaces, creating a seamless and airy environment. Its luxurious design, exquisite detailing, and diverse models ensure that the D-Pro door system will satisfy even the most discerning customers.

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