Company News | 15-02-2022

D-Pro door system: The choice of “10 Points” to create a modern living space

From the classic design…

Enhance the feeling of coziness and luxury with a large chandelier emitting golden light

Create a focal point for a fixed space with small pieces of furniture

Choose a system of elaborately carved wooden doors

…To the neoclassical and modern style

Make the most of natural light

Limit fixed partitions, prefer open space

Focusing on sophistication and class through minimalism

Understanding new trends in living space design, D-Pro door system possesses outstanding technical characteristics to meet the requirements of modern design style:

With a Profile bar that meets European standards TC 6063 T6, the D-Pro door has an impressive size, creating a beautiful Panorama view, blending nature into life with the ability to receive maximum light.

Break down the partition between the room spaces thanks to the doors with wing width up to 2m and height up to 3m. In addition, D-Pro doors also offer a variety of designs to suit the typical architecture of each house.

The luxurious design lines resonate with the sophisticated veins on the aluminum surface, in line with the minimalist trend of modern style, and at the same time increase the luxury and class for the house.

Perfectly meeting today’s living space construction standards, the D-Pro door system becomes the “10 point” choice for modern homes.