Company News | 24-04-2022

NGOCDIEPWINDOW solves the problem of saving energy in the summer

1. Electricity problem when using air conditioner

During hot summer days, many people often spend most of their time in a room with cool air, limiting going outside if not necessary. Therefore, to cope with the heat, appliances with large power consumption such as air conditioners, air conditioners or water fans are often used.

Despite having outstanding cooling capacity, air conditioners and air conditioners consume a lot of electricity (Source: ShutterStock)

However, from a financial perspective, using an air conditioner may not be the optimal solution in the long run. According to statistics from the Vietnam Electricity Corporation, the electricity consumption of households in the hot season can increase by 30% to 80% compared to the rest of the year, in which electricity for air conditioners can account for as much as 30%. 64% monthly electricity.

The electricity used by the air conditioner/air conditioner also depends a lot on the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures. According to experts. When the outdoor temperature increases by 1°C, the electricity consumption of the air conditioner can increase by 2 to 3%. This is also the reason why the electricity of the air conditioner can increase a lot when the weather gradually heats up, even though the usage time does not change.

2. Save up to 50% energy with D-Pro door system from NGOCDIEPWINDOW

Not only in the world, in Vietnam, the green factor in each construction and architecture project has also received a lot of attention. Accordingly, in addition to the sustainability of structures, technical materials, aesthetics and culture, today’s works must also meet environmental sustainability factors.

The concept of sustainable architecture is becoming more and more popular and supported by many people (Source: ShutterStock)

Facing the effects of climate change, energy saving solutions are being applied more and more by families. Among them, NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s D-Pro door system is an outstanding product line that meets this need. Possessing superior Low-E glass, the door system prevents 2-way heat transfer, thereby keeping the house space always airy and cool. In the early days of summer – When the temperature is not too high, using D-Pro’s system can completely limit the “abuse” of cooling devices such as air conditioners, air conditioners, etc.

The D-Pro door system offers an energy optimization solution of up to 50% for hot summer days (Source: NGOCDIEPWINDOW)

For peak heat waves, the D-Pro door system is also the optimal energy-saving solution. With tightly designed wings and door frames, the door system optimizes power consumption by up to 50%, helping to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioners, and at the same time, significantly saving costs for families.

Possessing outstanding technical characteristics, D-Pro high-end door system is an energy-saving solution, while protecting the health of you and your family on hot summer days. Therefore, investing in installing D-Pro door system is not only an economic optimization problem, but also helps to improve the quality of life in the long run.

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