Ngoc Diep Group is ranked in the TOP 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam 2023

On November 17, Vietnam Report coordinated with Vietnamnet newspaper to announce the TOP500 Ranking of Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam in 2023. Accordingly, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company continue to appear in the list. this prestigious ranking for the 4th consecutive time. Notably, Ngoc Diep Group rose 41 places and ranked 360th in the list of 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam 2023.

The 2023 VNR500 ranking aims to recognize and honor the worthy achievements of large-scale enterprises, effective and sustainable production and business activities, excellent overcoming difficulties and strong recovery. After 17 years of publication, the VNR500 ranking has gradually become the most anticipated report in the business community, used as an official “measure” for growth in stature, scale and operational efficiency. action of a business.

In the context of domestic and international markets facing many difficulties, Ngoc Diep Group still affirms its leading position in all four areas of operation: Aluminum, Doors, Packaging and Furniture, showing its outstanding capacity. The Group excels in ensuring operational efficiency, consolidating quality, and managing operations. Through a journey of 28 years of development, Ngoc Diep Group continuously invests, researches and develops, bringing superior quality products and classy services, contributing to improving the quality of Vietnamese life.

The strong steps of Ngoc Diep Group affirm its vision of becoming one of the leading multi-industry corporations in Vietnam, continuing its journey of sustainable development for nearly three decades.

NGOCDIEPWINDOW takes you into the green paradise of Flamingo Cat Ba

Taking nature as the foundation, the Flamingo Cat Ba Resorts resort complex is built in a unique green architectural style, harmoniously combining with the surrounding landscape, creating the feeling of a vibrant tropical forest. in front of the blue sea with waves. Surrounded by mountains, behind is a vast primeval forest, in front is a vast sea, Flamingo Cat Ba is as if created by nature itself, providing a resort space like a paradise on earth.

Persisting with the green architectural philosophy throughout all projects, investor Flamingo Holding Group delicately chooses NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s aluminum doors, glass walls, and glass roofs in a system of sustainable, environmentally friendly and green materials. Save energy at Flamingo Cat Ba, providing a standard ecological space between the sky and the sea.

The NGOCDIEPWINDOW door and glass wall system creates bright, poetic, sunny rooms. NGOCDIEPWINDOW glass surface insulates against heat, making the most of natural light to help reduce the amount of electricity used for daytime lighting and reduce pressure on the building’s cooling system. NGOCDIEPWINDOW products, combined with other sustainable natural materials at the project, have helped Flamingo Cat Ba save up to 45% energy.

The NGOCDIEPWINDOW large glass wall system surrounding the project is covered with thousands of green trees in harmony with the blue Lan Ha Bay seascape, creating a spacious, 360-degree green space that fascinates people. Returning to the private space of each high-rise villa, visitors can enjoy the vast scenery of sea and sky, immerse themselves in the space of unique architectural art, and hear the whispering wind like a symphony of the ocean. Thousands and seas echo in the distance.

By providing the market with high-end environmentally friendly product lines, NGOCDIEPWINDOW is chosen by reputable architects and investors for green architectural works and ecological urban areas such as Vinhomes Riverside, Ecopark, Vinhomes Grand Park, Happiness Hospital,… and many other outstanding projects.

NGOCDIEPWINDOW celebrates luxury life at Hilton Hai Phong Luxury Apartment – BRG Legend

Located in the heart of the red poinciana city, the Hilton Hai Phong Luxury Apartment – BRG Legend project is a new symbol of high-class life in the port land, reviving the pioneering aspirations and pride of Hai Phong people. about the first and most prosperous coastal urban area in Vietnam.

Contributing to creating the luxurious and luxurious beauty of high-class standards for BRG Legend, NGOCDIEPWINDOW is honored to be the contractor supplying and constructing aluminum glass doors, glass railings, and glass roofs.

NGOCDIEPWINDOW door frame possesses sophisticated design lines, harmony between color and material, is the perfect highlight for BRG Legend’s neoclassical architectural style, bringing a breath of history to the heart of the developing city. develop in a new era.

The entire NGOCDIEPWINDOW glass door system of each apartment at BRG Legend is equipped with the most modern 2-layer Low-E glass available today, reducing the dispersion and absorption of heat, creating a stable warm temperature inside. winter and cool in summer. NGOCDIEPWINDOW doors welcome fresh air and natural light with views embracing the beautiful scenery of the dynamic city that is transforming every day. NGOCDIEPWINDOW door aluminum profile bar is made from high-quality Dinostar aluminum with a modern, durable powder coating layer, helping to maintain the luxurious and classy beauty of BRG Legend, despite the sunny and windy sea weather conditions in the city. Port Street.

With reputation for product quality and construction experience, NGOCDIEPWINDOW has been selected as a contractor by major investors Vingroup, Sun Group, Ecopark, Flamingo Group, BIM Group, Phenikaa Group,… installing aluminum glass doors and walls for high-class projects such as Vinhomes Riverside; Flamingo Cat Ba; Ecopark, Regent Phu Quoc, Phenikaa University… and many other outstanding projects.

Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company continue to appear in the TOP500 largest enterprises in Vietnam

On January 5, at the Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark 72 hotel, Vietnam Report cooperated with Vietnamnet to organize the announcement ceremony of TOP500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam 2022 (VNR500). Accordingly, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company – a member of the excellent Group were honored in the VNR500 Ranking in 2022, affirming the stature, position and bravery of one of the best companies in the world. leading multi-industry corporation in Vietnam.

Mrs. Nguyen Quynh Huong – Head of PR-Marketing Department of Ngoc Diep Group received the title of “TOP500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam” in 2022 for Ngoc Diep Group Joint Stock Company and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company.

After 16 years of publication, the TOP500 Ranking of Vietnam’s Largest Enterprises has become the most anticipated report in the business community, used as a “measurement” for the growth rate of stature, scale and operational efficiency.

After nearly three decades of establishment and development with the principle of “Putting quality as the center of development”, Ngoc Diep Group always strives to provide the market with high-quality products and services in four areas. Areas: Aluminum, Doors, Packaging and Furniture, contributing to improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people, promoting the country’s socio-economic development. Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company with the brand Dinostar Aluminum is one of the leading aluminum production enterprises in Vietnam with a network of agents and distributors spanning 63 provinces and cities and is continuously expanding exports. successfully conquered many fastidious markets in America, Europe.

Representative of VNR500 enterprises in the announcement ceremony of TOP500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2022

In 2022, in the face of unpredictable fluctuations from the prices of energy, input materials and general difficulties of the domestic and world economies, the stable and sustainable growth of Ngoc Diep Group and Co. Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company has affirmed its strong internal capacity, flexible adaptability, strategic vision of the Board of Directors as well as the unremitting efforts of thousands of officers and employees – is proof of that. clearly for the image of “Golden Test Fire” in a difficult and challenging period.

Being recognized in the VNR500 Ranking shows the resilience and sustainable performance of Ngoc Diep Group as well as Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company

In addition to sustainable and effective production and business activities, Ngoc Diep Group always makes constant efforts in sharing activities with the community such as supporting disadvantaged highland children, accompanying the Government in campaigns to prevent natural disasters, epidemics, poverty, etc., contribute to promoting the comprehensive development of the country.

With strong strides and solid internal resources, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company not only move fast on business rankings but also continuously rank up in terms of credibility and trust of the company. customers, partners, consumers, affirming the national brand stature.

Ngoc Diep Group attends the 2022 international defense exhibition

On December 8 to 10, 2022, Ngoc Diep Group participated in the International Defense Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, displayed and introduced products Ngoc Diep Packaging and Dinostar Aluminum, as the sole representative. of Vietnam in these two areas.

Vietnam International Defense Exhibition 2022 (Vietnam Defense 2022) has the participation of high-ranking delegations from the Ministry of National Defense, the Army of many countries around the world and more than 170 leading units and enterprises. from 30 countries around the world participate in the exhibition of the most modern military and civilian products.

Coming to the exhibition at the National Branded Products booth located in the exhibition area “Economics – Defense in the Digital Age”, Dinostar Aluminum and Ngoc Diep Packaging products of Ngoc Diep Group attracted the attention of many visitors. attracted the attention of many domestic and international visitors thanks to a diverse and high-quality product portfolio, widely applied in both military and civilian fields.

The 2022 International Defense Exhibition will take place from December 8, 2022 to December 10, 2022 at Gia Lam Airport. We invite you to take the time to visit the showroom of Ngoc Diep Group at the exhibition area “Economics – National Defense in the Digital Age” to experience quality products!


On November 15, Vietnam Report cooperated with Vietnamnet newspaper to announce the TOP 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. Accordingly, Ngoc Diep Group and Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company continued to participate in the list of Top 500 Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. This prestigious ranking for the third time in a row.

This is the 16th year this list has been published, recognizing and honoring the worthy achievements of large-scale enterprises, maintaining efficient and stable production and business activities, which have given sees resilience and is the locomotive of Vietnam’s economy in the face of unexpected waves of fluctuations from the international context.

In the context that the market is facing great challenges after the pandemic, Ngoc Diep Group still affirms its leading position in all 4 areas of activity: Aluminum, Doors, Packaging and Furniture, maintaining its growth rate. both in terms of profit and revenue. That shows the strategic vision, efforts and initiative to overcome difficulties on the foundation of solid competitiveness of Ngoc Diep Group. In 2022, Ngoc Diep Group is also honored to be recognized as a National Brand for all 3 product brands of 3 member companies of the group.

With solid strides and strong internal resources, Ngoc Diep Group not only advances rapidly on business rankings, but also continuously ranks up in terms of credibility and trust of customers, partners, and consumers. affirming the prestige and stature of one of the leading multi-industry corporations in Vietnam.

Ngoc Diep Group received the title of Vietnam National Brand 2022

On the evening of November 2, Ngoc Diep Group was honored with the National Brand at the Announcement Ceremony of enterprises whose products achieved the Vietnam National Brand in 2022 organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Attending the announcement ceremony were Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, together with leaders of the Party, State, ministries, departments, agencies, central and local agencies and more than 1,000 delegates. Mr. Tran Dung – Deputy General Director of Ngoc Diep Group on behalf of receiving the logo of Vietnam National Brand 2022 awarded by leaders of the Party and State.

Mr. Tran Dung, Deputy General Director of Ngoc Diep Group received the 2022 National Brand logo awarded by the Party and State leaders.

Overcoming more than 1,000 businesses registered to participate, Ngoc Diep Group was excellently awarded the title of National Brand for 3 product brands of 3 member companies of the group including:

  • Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company with Dinostar Aluminum products
  • Ngoc Diep Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd with Ngoc Diep Furniture products
  • Ngoc Diep Joint Stock Company with Ngoc Diep Packaging products.

This is a testament to affirming the market leadership position of Ngoc Diep Group in the fields of aluminum production and business, Packaging and Furniture and is the pride of thousands of employees throughout the corporation. strives every day to build a Vietnamese brand, pursuing the values that the country is aiming for: Quality – Innovation – Creativity – Pioneering capacity.

Ngoc Diep Group and enterprises received the National Brand Award

Over 26 years of construction and development, being selected by the Government and customers as the National Brand is the driving force for Ngoc Diep Group to continue improving the quality of products and services, bringing sustainable value to customers. customers and the community, affirming the stature of Vietnam’s brand in the international arena.

Ngoc Diep Group supports the fund “For the poor” Hanoi city 400 million

With the desire to join hands to help people in difficult circumstances, contributing to the realization of the poverty reduction goal of Hanoi City, Ngoc Diep Group responds to the Peak Month “For the Poor” and social security. 2022 by the Hanoi People’s Committee and the City’s Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. At the ceremony, which was televised live on the evening of October 11, 2022 on Hanoi Television, Mr. Tran Huu Quan, Deputy General Director of Ngoc Diep Group, gave the program an amount of VND 400,000,000.

Over the past years, Hanoi has always prioritized resources to ensure social security and sustainable poverty reduction, however, according to statistics, currently the city still has 3,612 poor households and 30,176 near-poor households, of which there are over 1,000  households with housing difficulties. With the tradition of mutual affection and mutual love of a business for the community, Ngoc Diep Group has taken practical actions to contribute to poverty reduction and social security, helping the city have more resources to better care for the community. the poor, join hands to build a civilized, civilized and modern Hanoi.

In 26 years of construction and development, besides production and business activities, charity programs are part of the sustainable development policy of Ngoc Diep Group. Every year, the Group spends hundreds of millions of dong for social charity activities such as supporting disadvantaged children in upland areas through the series of programs “Go to school with children”, accompanying the Government in campaigns. epidemic prevention and control. In particular, from 2020 to 2022 when the Covid 19 epidemic broke out, Ngoc Diep Group contributed up to 2.5 billion VND to the Government’s Covid Prevention Fund.

Sustainable development associated with social responsibility, Ngoc Diep Group always wishes to accompany and work together for the community, socio-economic development of the country.

Elevate your living space with the D-Pro ND-HP65 revolving door

A revolving door is a door system that can be opened with an angle of 180 degrees, operating on the principle of opening or opening and rotating on a hinge axis, suitable for construction works from villas to high-class apartment buildings, in accordance with the usage habits of Vietnamese people. Possessing delicate lines and outstanding quality, NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s D-Pro ND-HP65 revolving door is favored by customers for its superior features.

Open 100% of the door frame area

Produced from TC 6063 aluminum grade, European standard T6 hardness, specialized aluminum profile bar with thick frame size is the “strong backbone” creating the certainty and durability of the revolving door. D-Pro ND-HP65. The door can open 100% of the waiting area, expand to the sides to welcome light to create a spacious, spacious space, freeing up design space.

Outstanding tightness

Thanks to the use of high-grade 3-layer EPDM rubber gasket system inserted into all open contact points between the frame and the wing, the D-Pro ND-HP65 revolving door achieves absolute tightness, sound insulation, and insulation. Outstanding heat, dust, and water resistance. In addition, the ability to perfectly synchronize with European and American accessories helps the door operate smoother and quieter than any conventional product on the market.

Elevate architectural space

The D-Pro ND-HP65 revolving door can be perfectly combined with the design of the dome, decorative spokes…, contributing to enhancing the value of all architectural styles. Resonating with a modern, durable powder-coated finish with a 30-year warranty, the D-Pro ND-HP65 door possesses a luxurious, sophisticated and durable beauty over the years, bringing endless inspiration. from the owner’s own living space.

More than safety and certainty, the D-Pro ND-HP65 revolving door is a “perfect piece” that adorns elegant and luxurious architecture for every project, creating a peace of mind, enhancing life. level for Vietnamese families.

D-Pro door system creates timeless beauty for Vinhomes Riverside villas

With outstanding advantages, NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s D-Pro door system has excellently conquered the market after only a short time of launch, thereby becoming a product line favored by many partners, investors and consumers. favored.

In the video below, let’s join NGOCDIEPWINDOW and D-Pro to visit a beautiful villa project at the Vinhomes Riverside project.

Located in a prime location in the urban area, Vinhomes Riverside villa is a harmonious combination of architecture between neoclassical style and modern style, creating a timeless overall beauty.

Contributing to the luxury and aristocratic look of the villa, and at the same time building a green and peaceful living space, the owner trusted to install the D-Pro high-end door system of NGOCDIEPWINDOW. The D-Pro door system brings a poetic feature to the villa space with a panoramic view overlooking the Riverside River, but still retains the modern features thanks to the large door frame – a feature of the house design style in Europe. Europe. Combined with other door systems of NGOCDIEPWINDOW, D-Pro door system provides a total door solution for Vinhomes Riversides villas, providing a luxurious and synchronous living space.

Nearly 200 employees of Ngoc Diep Group’s office block have fun at the colourful summer of 2022

On the background of blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine and majestic mountains, Ngoc Diep people together painted a picture of a bright and enthusiastic summer.
The beach teambuilding program takes players to transform into warriors, together to overcome continuous and tough challenges such as TEAM UP STEP, HUGE WHEEL, SPEED ROUND.
With the experience of running numbers and carrying KPIs, these challenges have been spectacularly conquered by Ngoc Diep warriors with great efforts, determination and solidarity. In particular, the talented, passionate, and passionate young Ngoc Diep was wonderfully demonstrated through the challenge of WILD DANCE with unique, one-of-a-kind team dance repertoires, tears of laughter.

Gala Dinner brings a hearty party of light and sound with unique art performances and exciting Game shows filled with laughter.
Sharing at the event, Mr. Tran Huu Quan, Deputy General Director of Ngoc Diep Group said: “After quite a long time, Ngoc Diep’s extended family had the opportunity to participate in a collective internal event. this majestic. Sam Son is a place associated with many memories of the Group, from the early days the staff size was only a few dozen people, the organizational conditions were simple, now the company has grown with hundreds and thousands of employees. I hope that we all work together, unite and firmly lead Ngoc Diep to continue to grow stronger.”
The success of the tourism program “Colourful Summer 2022” once again affirms the unique corporate culture of Ngoc Diep Group, and at the same time shows the fire of enthusiasm and the spirit of solidarity in each person. Ngoc Diep.

Enjoy multiple benefits with the D-Pro ND-HP75 door

Sliding doors with large sizes and the ability to open 100% of the door frame area are the first choice for this new design trend. Therefore, sliding folding doors are often used in connection positions between indoor and outdoor spaces such as living rooms, exits to the garden, etc.

The D-Pro ND-HP75 sliding folding door is the perfect synergy between the advantages of the sliding folding design and the superior technical characteristics of the D-Pro premium door system.

The combination of sliding rails and hinge shafts helps the door to be stowed to the side, fully opening the door area, without affecting the surrounding space. The D-Pro ND-HP75 door raises the level of sliding folding doors to a new level with European standard sizes. Thanks to the thick frame and profile bar meeting the European standard 6063 T6, each door of the D-Pro ND – HP75 door has a width of up to 2m, a height of up to 3m. With an impressive size, the D-Pro ND-HP75 door offers a wider panoramic view, as well as the ability to better connect the space inside and outside the house.

Possessing a multi-joint design, the D-Pro sliding folding doors still operate smoothly thanks to the multi-point latching system, combined with the hidden design movement. In addition, the profile bar has a C-slot design that is perfectly compatible with high-end European and American accessories, creating a solid structure, ensuring safety and smooth operation during use. door.

The D-Pro ND-HP75 door provides a comfortable and safe living space with the 4C gold standard: Soundproof – Heat Insulation – Dustproof – Waterproof. Using 3-layer EPDM gaskets and LowE glass, the D-Pro ND-HP75 sliding folding door ensures a tight seal, protecting your family absolutely from external harmful agents such as dust, UV rays, temperature hard.

The ability to connect space, wide panoramic view, absolute protection… are all included in the D-Pro ND-HP75 sliding folding door, promising to bring you a perfect using experience.