Company News | 21-02-2022


Possessing an impressive size with a width of up to 2m/wing, a height of up to 3m, the D-Pro high-end door system is the perfect piece to create a modern green living space.

1. Open up living space

D-Pro door frame is manufactured from an aluminum profile bar that meets European standards TC 6063 T6, possesses a smart C-groove multi-cavity design, perfectly compatible with modern European and American accessories. With outstanding technical characteristics, the D-Pro door has the perfect bearing capacity to create a European standard size door, a great choice to open up living space, connecting the inner life with nature. outside the house.

2. Enjoy natural light

Low-E glass with a thickness of up to 3cm is the perfect solution to enjoy natural light indoors without worrying about UV rays. In addition, the 3-layer EPDM gasket layer and synchronous accessories system create absolute tightness, meeting the 4C gold standard: Soundproof – Heat Insulation – Waterproof – Dustproof.

Possessing a superior size compared to conventional doors, the D-Pro door system conquers Vietnamese families by opening up living space, making the most of natural light, and bringing people closer to nature. . At the same time, the D-Pro door also protects family members from harmful agents, all in order to create a completely happy life for Vietnamese families!