Company News | 15-02-2022

D-Pro door system improves the quality of life with synchronous American and European accessories

As a door system comparable to imported products, the D-Pro door system uses synchronous American and European accessories, achieving perfect compatibility. Therefore, the D-Pro door system possesses many outstanding features, including:
Enhancing aesthetics
With synchronous American and European accessories, the details of the D-Pro door are perfectly connected, creating an overall luxurious and classy door. The D-Pro door system with perfect appearance contributes to creating an upper-class living space, providing a different user experience.
Perfect Shield
Thanks to the combination of 3-layer EPDM gaskets, Low-E glass box, and synchronized high-end accessories, the D-Pro door system meets the 4C gold standard: Soundproof – heat insulation – dustproof – waterproof. Absolute tightness makes D-Pro doors an impregnable shield against harmful agents to health.
Smooth operation
The American and European accessories system has high durability, long service life, minimizes rust and warping under the impact of time and the environment.. Therefore, door parts can function properly. precisely, making the door operate smoothly, providing an optimal user experience for the homeowner.
Maximum protection
D-Pro doors have absolute safety thanks to the combination of a solid aluminum frame, high-strength Low-E glass and high-class accessories. In particular, the multi-point locking system and the locking system have anti-intrusion capabilities, ensuring the security of your home.
To create a door system comparable to imported products, NGOCDIEPWINDOW puts its heart into every smallest detail of the D-Pro door system. With a synchronous European accessory system, D-Pro doors elevate aesthetics and experience to a new level, making life easier for Vietnamese families.