Company News | 27-07-2022

D-Pro door system creates timeless beauty for Vinhomes Riverside villas

With outstanding advantages, NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s D-Pro door system has excellently conquered the market after only a short time of launch, thereby becoming a product line favored by many partners, investors and consumers. favored.

In the video below, let’s join NGOCDIEPWINDOW and D-Pro to visit a beautiful villa project at the Vinhomes Riverside project.

Located in a prime location in the urban area, Vinhomes Riverside villa is a harmonious combination of architecture between neoclassical style and modern style, creating a timeless overall beauty.

Contributing to the luxury and aristocratic look of the villa, and at the same time building a green and peaceful living space, the owner trusted to install the D-Pro high-end door system of NGOCDIEPWINDOW. The D-Pro door system brings a poetic feature to the villa space with a panoramic view overlooking the Riverside River, but still retains the modern features thanks to the large door frame – a feature of the house design style in Europe. Europe. Combined with other door systems of NGOCDIEPWINDOW, D-Pro door system provides a total door solution for Vinhomes Riversides villas, providing a luxurious and synchronous living space.