Company News | 17-03-2022


Low-E box glass has a maximum thickness of up to 3cm, has a structure consisting of two layers of glass coated with a special compound and in the middle filled with an inert gas. The technical advantages of Low-E glass have helped improve the quality of life for users thanks to 4 advantages:

1. Sound insulation, maximum heat insulation

Low-E glass box is a good helper of families in reducing noise. The 90db sound going through the Low-E glass is reduced to just 20db. In addition, Low-E glass also has the ability to prevent heat transfer from outside to inside and vice versa, thereby keeping the temperature in the room at a stable level: cool in summer and warm in winter. .

2. Blocking UV rays

The health effects caused by UV rays are minimized when using Low-E glass. With a special surface finish, Low-E glass blocks harmful UV rays so you can comfortably enjoy the physical and mental benefits of natural light.

3. Anti-fog condensation

The typical high humidity in Vietnam easily forms dew condensation on glass doors. In addition to being difficult to see, it also creates favorable conditions for mold to multiply, threatening the health of family members. Low-E box glass construction minimizes dew condensation, providing a perfect experience regardless of weather conditions.

4. Optimum safety

2-layer construction provides excellent bearing capacity. Accidents caused by physical impact will be minimized when using Low-E glass, thereby ensuring a safe living environment for family members, especially families with young children.

Improving the quality of life thanks to its outstanding technical characteristics, Low-E glass is a building material favored by many architects, contractors, consumers…A perfect piece of the system of the company. D-Pro, Low-E box glass contributes to creating a more comfortable and happier living space for Vietnamese people.

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