Company News | 21-11-2023

NGOCDIEPWINDOW takes you into the green paradise of Flamingo Cat Ba

Taking nature as the foundation, the Flamingo Cat Ba Resorts resort complex is built in a unique green architectural style, harmoniously combining with the surrounding landscape, creating the feeling of a vibrant tropical forest. in front of the blue sea with waves. Surrounded by mountains, behind is a vast primeval forest, in front is a vast sea, Flamingo Cat Ba is as if created by nature itself, providing a resort space like a paradise on earth.

Persisting with the green architectural philosophy throughout all projects, investor Flamingo Holding Group delicately chooses NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s aluminum doors, glass walls, and glass roofs in a system of sustainable, environmentally friendly and green materials. Save energy at Flamingo Cat Ba, providing a standard ecological space between the sky and the sea.

The NGOCDIEPWINDOW door and glass wall system creates bright, poetic, sunny rooms. NGOCDIEPWINDOW glass surface insulates against heat, making the most of natural light to help reduce the amount of electricity used for daytime lighting and reduce pressure on the building’s cooling system. NGOCDIEPWINDOW products, combined with other sustainable natural materials at the project, have helped Flamingo Cat Ba save up to 45% energy.

The NGOCDIEPWINDOW large glass wall system surrounding the project is covered with thousands of green trees in harmony with the blue Lan Ha Bay seascape, creating a spacious, 360-degree green space that fascinates people. Returning to the private space of each high-rise villa, visitors can enjoy the vast scenery of sea and sky, immerse themselves in the space of unique architectural art, and hear the whispering wind like a symphony of the ocean. Thousands and seas echo in the distance.

By providing the market with high-end environmentally friendly product lines, NGOCDIEPWINDOW is chosen by reputable architects and investors for green architectural works and ecological urban areas such as Vinhomes Riverside, Ecopark, Vinhomes Grand Park, Happiness Hospital,… and many other outstanding projects.